Molecular sieve consists of 13X alkaline alumina silicate crystals. Its molecular size is 9 Angstroms. It consists of sodium, calcium and lithium forms with its molecular sieve X type structure. It has the largest porous crystal structure.


High rate of CO2 and moisture retention in air pre-purification processes in Cryogenic Oxygen Production


Obtaining high purity oxygen in the production of Medical Oxygen (Concentrator),


PSA in oxygen production


VSA & VPSA in oxygen production


LPG Sweetening (Deodorization)

In the removal of mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas


ZEOCHEM Molecular Sieve 13X Varieties;

Z10-01                 : Standard 13X Molecular Sieve
Z10-02                 : Air Pre-Purification
Z10-03                 : Hydrocarbon and Olefin Purification
Z10-04                 : PSA Oxygen Production
Z10-05-03           : VPSA Oxygen Production
Z12-07 LiLSX     : In Medical Oxygen Concentrators
ZEOX OII Plus   : In Medical Oxygen Concentrators