Molecular sieve 4A is alkali metal alumina silicate and is the sodium (Na) form of the A type crystal structure. It is 4 Angstroms (0.4nm) with a 4A type effective open pore structure. 4A Oxygen with molecular sieve kinetic diameter less than 4 angstroms, nitrogen carbon dioxide and large when adsorbing many molecules such as straight chain hydrocarbons cross-chain hydrocarbon and It cannot adsorb large molecules such as aromatics.


Scope of application:

* Air Drying at very low dew points in Compressed Air Compressors

* In the removal of CO2 and moisture from natural gas, LPG, LNG, air, inert or atmospheric gases

* Purification of various gases and liquids

* Air brake systems of cars, buses, trucks and rail vehicles

* In desiccant packs

Types of Zeochem Molecular sieve 4A: