Molecular sieve 5A is alkali metal alumina silicate and is the calcium (Ca) form of type A crystal structure. It is 5 Angstroms (0.5nm) with 5A type effective open pore structure. 5A Molecular sieve adsorbs many molecules with a kinetic diameter less than 5 angstroms, but does not adsorb large molecules. 5A is especially used in PSA applications. For example, in separating normal- and iso-paraffins (C4 to C6), hydrogen purification in PSA.


Scope of application:

*  Divalent strong ionic strength of the calcium ion. It is an excellent adsorbent for H2S, CO2 and moisture removal to minimize COS compounds in natural gas streams.
It is adsorbed in light mercaptans.

* It is also used for the separation of normal- and iso paraffins.

* 5A Molecular Sieve is used to produce high purity N2, 02, H2 and inert gases from mixed gas streams.

* In the removal of Carbon Monoxide (CO) from hydrogen-rich gases with PSA Technology

Zeochem Molecular sieve 5A Types: